February 2017 – Article: A Win-Win for Eastern Construction at Ontario Concrete Awards


The month of February is typically considered Awards Season – the Oscars, Grammies and the Screen Actors Guild honours.  Well, the ICI construction industry has its award winners as well.

Beginning with Eastern Construction, which has added two more honours to its long list of awards.  The latest are the 2016 Ontario Concrete Award for Architectural Merit and the 2016 Ontario Concrete Award for Structural Design Innovation.

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive these awards”, says Mike Kern, Director of Business Development for Eastern Construction.  “Not only for the hard work of all of our staff, but also for our additional project team members in building these projects including Carpenters Local 27, Ironworkers Local 721 and LiUNA Local 506.”

The Queen Richmond Centre features the integration of two existing heritage buildings.  Added to the project was construction of a new 17-story office building which spans both buildings and is perched atop three architecturally-exposed structural steel delta frames.  The innovative frames create an open air atrium that sets this development apart from any other.

Audi Midtown Toronto serves as the Canadian flagship store and is located at one of the most heavily traveled areas of Toronto – the 401/404 interchange.  The jewel of this seven-story structure is the Spiral Interchange Ramp which serves as the main conduit into the building.  The spiral and straight ramps feature a glycol in-slab heating system – the longest such system ever installed in Ontario.

Kern says much of the success enjoyed by Eastern is a reflection of the strong relationships the company has forged over the years, together with a personalized approach to client services.  A focus on the importance of health and safety is further supported by their philosophy of Think Forward and Rise Above.

“Our goal is to remove the element of surprise from every task by identifying all foreseeable distractions and implementing procedures to control or eliminate them.  We think forward!”

Kern adds that Eastern also understands regulatory guidelines represent the minimum required level of achievement, and to truly provide protective and preventative measures for our workers, dictates we must exceed those levels – rise above.

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