May 2017 – Article – OCS Leaders on the Move


There will be a changing of the guard at the Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS) this summer as Chief Executive Officer, Sean Strickland has resigned after eight-and-a-half years to pursue new opportunities within the construction industry.

“I have enjoyed tremendously the work we have done together as an industry to advance the value proposition for unionized construction in Ontario”, says Strickland. “Our industry has many great things to offer, but none as great as the calibre of our people.”

Looking back, Strickland points to the important research the OCS has undertaken in support of the unionized construction industry, including the union safety effect, apprenticeship completion, the underground economy and our collective bargaining toolkit.

The OCS has also been successful in enhancing our dialogue with industry stakeholders and bringing labour and management partners together.

“None of these accomplishments could have been possible without the support of a good OCS team.  I am deeply grateful to both the staff and Board of Directors for their commitment and patience as we moved forward important issues and projects.”

In an email to OCS stakeholders, Strickland says it has been a pleasure working for the Ontario Construction Secretariat and representing the unionized construction industry.

Meanwhile at a retirement dinner in his honour last fall, OCS Board member Wayne Peterson was asked what his immediate future holds for him.

“I don’t really fish or golf – well.  I might have to find another job”.

Eight months later, Wayne has found another job.  Effective last month, Wayne is the new Executive Director of the Construction Employers Coordinating Council of Ontario (CECCO).

“I got tired of walking the dog three times a day”, quipped Wayne.  “My wife thinks it’s great because I’m out of the house.  Seriously, I missed the comradery of working day to day with other people.”

While it is a new job for Wayne, there will be a little or no learning curve at all for Peterson, who has been a member of CECCO since 1999, and in fact served as the organization’s Executive Vice Chairman.

The familiarity has helped him identify some challenges.

“I’d like to see a better coordination of provincial bargaining”, says Peterson.  “I’d also like CECCO to be a collective voice for unionized contractors, as well as bring value to all of our members.”

CECCO was established in 1979.  It is an organization which provides a common voice for unionized contractors on a wide range of issues including legislative reform and labour relations practices.  CECCO has 21 full-time members and 8 associate members.

Peterson says the biggest difference between his last position and this new role is scope.  Previously with the sheet metal contractors, Peterson was responsible for working with one organization.  Now he says, he’s working with 24 associations, hoping to bring them together as one entity.

Wayne will continue to serve on the OCS Board of Directors as the non-voting representative for CECCO.





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