2020 Funded Projects

The OCS Research and Marketing Partnership Grant (RMPG) is an annual program to assist labour and management organizations with research and promotional activities to enhance the unionized ICI construction sector. Launched in late 2019, the funding program focuses on: Workforce Development; Market Share Growth and Competitiveness; and Innovation or New Technologies in Construction.

All applications were jointly submitted by a labour-management partnership that is affiliated with an Employee/Employer Bargaining Agency and applicants must incorporate cash or in-kind contributions.

LiUNA Local 1059

Developed an educational virtual reality (VR) experience to raise awareness of ICI construction advantage and present a professional image of careers in the skilled trades. The VR experience provides real-life experiences utilizing video from actual union jobsite showcasing equipment and technology used by workers. This VR tool will be used at job/career fairs, schools, and public events in London and southwestern Ontario.

UA Local 67/ MCAHN

Implemented Research and Development Phase Two and final Phase Three campaign to match the OCS Union Safety Effect. Campaign collateral was updated from 23% to 31% Safer and the funds were used to hire a public relations firm to support the safety messaging efforts including a qualitative analysis, radio ads, email signatures, and an Economic Forecast Media Report.

Waterloo Wellington Dufferin Grey BTC / Golden Horseshoe General Contractors Association

Upgraded marketing materials including the Building Trades Council’s website, social media presence and print brochures. The Council and their contractor partners developed a marketing campaign targeting regional area hospitals, post-secondary institutions, schools, municipalities as well as maintenance opportunities at regional manufacturing facilities. The campaign focuses on the unionized sector’s track record with respect to on-time, on-budget job completion and exemplary safety record.