Mar 13, 2023: Employment (Feb 2023); Permits (Jan 2023)

March 13, 2023

Summary: Employment and labour force increased slightly from January. The unemployment rate climbed slightly higher as well. Total ICI building permit value rose a modest 10%, led by gains in the industrial sector. Year-over-year changes painted a different picture, with the commercial sector posting a substantial increase.

Employment grew from 564.7 thousand to 567.1 thousand. The labour force also increased slightly from 599.1 thousand to 602.4 thousand. These figures are higher than they were for February of last year but still well below what was seen in the second half of 2022. The unemployment rate increased slightly, from 5.7% to 5.9%, which is equivalent to the unemployment rate from February 2022. These trends are likely seasonal since there is usually higher construction unemployment in the winter months.

Total ICI permit value increased by a modest 10.1% ($1.22-$1.34 billion); commercial permit value increased by 10.6% ($698.9-$772.6 million), industrial permit value increased by 40.2% ($224.4-$314.5 million), and institutional permit value decreased by 13.6% ($295.6-$255.3 million). Year-over-year, total ICI permit value grew 9.3% ($1.23 – $1.34 billion). This was led by a 72.9% increase in the commercial sector ($446.8 – $772.6 million).



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