Stay Connected: Special Feature Article (Mar 28)

Members of the OCS team along with OCS Board of Directors Treasurer Cosmo Mannella recently toured the LiUNA Local 1059 training centre. LiUNA 1059 is part of the Laborers’ International Union of North America in Southwestern Ontario and represents approximately 5,000 construction workers and industrial/ service sector workers employed in and beyond Grey, Bruce, Middlesex, Oxford, Huron, Elgin and Perth counties.

One of the key strengths of LiUNA 1059 is its emphasis on education and training. The union operates a state-of-the-art training centre where members can enhance their skills, obtain industry-recognized certifications and access career advancement opportunities. From apprenticeship programs to continuing education courses, the training centre equips members with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in the construction industry. Did you know they train 160 pre-apprentices a year with 100% employment rate?

Safety is another foundation of LiUNA 1059’s initiatives. OCS led a study that found unionized building trade construction jobs are 31% safer than a non-union environment and LiUNA is a prime example. LiUNA 1059 is committed to promoting a culture of safety in the workplace, providing members with comprehensive safety training and resources to mitigate risks and prevent accidents.

LiUNA 1059 is a two-time recipient (2020 and 2022) of the OCS Research and Marketing Partnership Grant (RMPG). They used the RMPG grant money to establish a virtual reality experience to be used at events to attract new career seekers and youth into the skilled trades. The OCS team had the opportunity to test out the VR device on our visit and experience firsthand what it’s like to be on a real jobsite. RMPG funding created opportunity for labour and management partners to collaborate and demonstrate the unique value and merits of their partnership.

We are grateful to LiUNA 1059 for the informative tour which allowed us to witness the incredible work being done at the centre.